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Choices, not magic, make monsters of men.

This book is an on-going serialization novel. You can read it exclusively on Kindle Vella. 

Sine is the spare, not the heir, to her father's kingdom near the wilds of magic.

Her family guards the wall that keeps the monsters out.


Rigby was born on the other side of the wall, one of the monsters who wears a human face.


Sine will do anything to keep the wall up and protect her people.


Rigby will do anything to tear the wall down and break the bonds that hold his people back...

even if it means betraying the princess he's starting to love.


Serialization, on-going

Coming to Paperback in 2023


"A truly fascinating read--I couldn't believe the twists as each layer of magic was peeled back. I couldn't put it down, and I need more, now!"

--5 Star Reader Review



"[The]...thrilling conclusion takes its time building, touching upon nuanced issues like economic disparity and wealth inequality, deliberately building into a white-hot conflagration that smolders with intensity."

— Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Book One:

“A spellbinding tale filled with political intrigue, dark magic, and impossible choices. Readers will be instantly addicted to this wickedly thrilling adventure.”

— #1 NY Times bestselling author Kerri Maniscalco

“A twisty thriller—this dark fantasy grabs you by the throat and drags you all the way to the end.”

–Cinda Williams Chima, NY Times bestselling author of the Shattered Realms series

“Stunning and shocking to behold, Give the Dark My Love asks: How far will we venture into darkness for the ones we love?”

–Julie C. Dao, author of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

“A darkly twisted look at the way grief makes monsters of us all.”

—NY Times bestselling author Carrie Ryan

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