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Never trust the fae.

This book series is an on-going serialized novel. You can read it online.

The book is also available as a complete e-book and paperback in December 2022.

Emmi Castor grew up in a small town near Salem. Her home is centuries old, originally built by an ancestor renowned for witchcraft. Her grandfather converted the house into the Museum of Magic, collecting the arcane and putting it on display for all to see. But Emmi knows one thing for absolute certain…


Magic is not real. 


But then a fae boy named Puck appears inside her house, the broken remains of a centuries-old witch bottle at his feet. At nearly the same time, a Hunter arrives on her doorstep, weapons drawn. Ghostly shadows call to her from the mirror, and Emmi’s grandfather is missing—perhaps kidnapped by nefarious fae, perhaps victim to the those who prey on magic.


History hides the truth. 


Puck tells Emmi that she has the power to protect magical beings. He’s fae, but he’s also her only ally, and together, they explore the real life history of witchcraft mingled with the unknown influence of the fae. Emmi must reconstruct the witch bottle, save her grandfather, and maybe even fall in love…but she has to be careful.


You can never trust the fae.





Signed copies of this and all Beth's books are available from her indie bookstores:

Malaprops and Adventure Bound

with world-wide shipping! If it's not listed, just send the store a message. 

Read more about the creation of this and other serial novels by Beth

in this article featured by the School Librarian Journal (Teen Librarian Toolbox).

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"I am just so darn DELIGHTED by Museum of Magic and the many (mis)adventures of Emmi and Puck!"

--5 Star Reader Review

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A #1 Amazon Bestseller!

Hitting the #1 slot on Amazon for Teen and Young Adult Fantasy is a huge honor! Additionally, Museum of Magic ranked in the top ten of all Teen and Young Adult serial novels on Amazon's Kindle Vella.


The Unique Development
Museum of Magic

Beth started writing Museum of Magic on her Patreon as an experiment--one that turned into a multi-year-long development of an entire series. 

Beth joined a group of friends to play Dungeons and Dragons prior to the pandemic, but when stay-at-home orders were placed and it was too dangerous to meet in person, the group broke up. Missing that community element as well as the chaos of the dice, Beth started toying with serial novels. First came Blood and Feathers, a retelling of an old project with reader votes, but Beth wanted more interactivity and fun. 

Museum of Magic was conceived with a unique way to write. Every chapter of the novel is outlined with a series of branching possible choices, and Beth films herself drawing tarot cards, rolling dice, flipping coins, and using other chance elements to determine the paths the characters take. Each session concludes with the chance for readers to vote on the way the next chapter will start--and the active community built around this book has meant that readers will campaign for votes and theorize all week until the next chapter is uploaded! 

You can still participate in the development of this novel as Beth begins working on the sequel in early 2023.

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