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You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo.

Would you like a signed copy?

Contact my local indie bookstores Malaprops or Adventure Bound.

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The Death Star is destroyed. Darth Vader is dead. The Empire is desolated. But on the forest moon of Endor, amongst the chaos of a changing galaxy, time stands still for a princess and her scoundrel.

After being frozen in carbonite, then risking everything for the Rebellion, Han is eager to stop living his life for other people. He and Leia have earned their future together, a thousand times over. And when he proposes to Leia, it’s the first time in a long time he’s had a good feeling about this. For Leia, a lifetime of fighting doesn’t truly seem over. There is work still to do, penance to pay for the dark secret she now knows runs through her veins. Her brother, Luke, is offering her that chance—one that comes with family and the promise of the Force. But when Han asks her to marry him, Leia finds her answer immediately on her lips . . . Yes. 

But happily ever after doesn’t come easily. As soon as Han and Leia depart their idyllic ceremony on Endor for their honeymoon, they find themselves on the grandest and most glamorous stage of all: the Halcyon, a luxury vessel on a very public journey to the most wondrous worlds in the galaxy. Their marriage, and the peace and prosperity it represents, is a lightning rod for everyone in the galaxy—including Imperial remnants still clinging to power.

Facing their most desperate hour, the soldiers of the Empire have dispersed across the galaxy, retrenching on isolated worlds vulnerable to their influence. As the Halcyon travels from world to world, one thing becomes abundantly clear: The war is not over. But as danger draws closer, Han and Leia find that they fight their best battles not alone but as husband and wife.


Hardcover, 304 pages
Published August 16, 2022 by Del Rey

Give the Dark My Love: Welcome

Han & Leia's Wedding

SW final2 turquoise cape.jpg

This lovely work of art by artist Geneva Bowers was originally featured in an exclusive article by Entertainment Weekly.


"In their most desperate hour, with the war still raging but the Empire nearing its last gasp, the couple must outwit the Imperial remnants clinging to power."

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Leia's Wedding Dress

The first art revealed of Leia's wedding dress was in the full image of Han and Leia from the cover of the book. This artwork was completed by Oliver Cuthbertson and was used as a full size cut-out in a photobooth opportunity at San Diego Comic Con in the summer of 2022.


adore cosplay! If you cosplay as any of my characters, please let me know! The first cosplay I ever saw of the dress was by Natalie Lucia (also here). Soon after, @Anakinandhisangel posted a Disney Bound version of the dress! Please absolutely tag me in any cosplay--I love to see it! And don't forget to take a pic with something special from the book if you go to the Halcyon!

The second image of the dress was revealed by Variety Magazine by artist Tara Phillips. Done in a more photo-realistic way, her art also displayed the back of the dress in great detail, capturing the embroidery other accents. 

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Rebel Alliance Induction
Rebel Alliance Induction
Rebel Alliance Induction
Rebel Alliance Induction
Rebel Alliance Induction
Rebel Alliance Induction

Rebel Alliance induction at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023!
Photography by Julius Photography, used with permission. 

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