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From idea to published novel, and every step along the way.

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The Paper Hearts series came from Beth’s desire to give back to the writing community. After years of posting articles and comments in answer to aspiring writers’ questions, Beth compiled the book in Wattpad. After more than 100,000 reads in Wattpad (and after fans started writing her, asking for a print edition they could take notes in), Beth rewrote the collection into a comprehensive book series with hundreds of pages of new content, practical advice, philosophy, charts, and more.

To read a sample of the first book, click here.

Volume 1: Writing Advice

Volume 2: Publishing Advice

Volume 3: Marketing Advice




Fast Draft Workbook

Paper Hearts: Welcome

"Revis's book should find its way to the keeper shelf of both aspiring and accomplished writers."

-Publisher's Weekly

Paper Hearts: Quote


"Each book [in the Paper Hearts series] is refreshingly well organized and accessible. ...Revis gets straight to the heart of matters such as story structure, offering tools and sample outlines. The books are very much focused more on the 'how' to write than the 'why.'" 

-Joanne O'Sullivan, Asheville Citizen Times

“Her frank advice on what has worked and not worked for her will prove comforting to writers prone to second-guessing themselves and their talents, and her practical “what to do if” appendices will help many to solve writing challenges.” —Publisher’s Weekly

"This is the book I wish I had read first when I started writing several years ago. Instead I have dozens of books on writing that do offer good advice but fail to do what Beth Revis has done so well here: straight up honesty about writing and being a writer."

-5-star Review of Vol 1 by K. Zookeeper's

Paper Hearts: About


I have an idea, but I'm not sure how to develop it.

Volume 1 + the Paper Hearts Workbook

I am ready to write, but I want to get it done fast and organized.

Fast Draft Workbook

I have an idea, but I can't find the time to actually write it.

Paper Hearts Planner

I have an idea, but I'm not sure how to make an outline.

Fast Draft Workbook

I have written a lot, but I can't seem to get an agent. I need to take my work to the next level.

Volume 1

Wait...what's an agent? Do I need one? Where do you even start?

Volume 1

I want to really contemplate on the heart of my story as I work.

Paper Hearts Journal

hate outlining.

Paper Hearts Journal

love outlining. 

Fast Draft Workbook

I just really need help getting organized.

Paper Hearts Planner + Paper Hearts Workbook

I have too many ideas and can't focus.

Paper Hearts Workbook and/or Paper Hearts Planner

Help! I have a novel, but can't get it cleaned up and in shape.

Volume 1 and the Journal

Help! I have a draft, but it needs to be heavily revised.

Fast Draft Workbook

I have a completed, polished manuscript. Now what?

Volume 2

I know I want to self publish.

Volume 2 and Volume 3

I know I want to traditionally publish.

Volume 2

My first book is about to come out, and I want to get it in the hands of readers!

Volume 3

I'm losing heart. This industry is rough.

Paper Hearts Journal and chocolate

Paper Hearts: Which Book
ph fast draft workbook front cover only.png


Workshops and More

In addition to the Paper Hearts, series, I love giving back to the writing community. Along with my co-host author Cristin Terrill, I help run the Wordsmith Workshop retreats--five days of writing, critiquing, and learning! You can find out more here. 

I also help run monthly Writers Coffeehouse meetings in Asheville, NC, teach regularly at local writing communities, and speak at writers conventions and more. You can learn more about upcoming events here, or request to have me as a speaker or teacher at one of your organizations here. 

Paper Hearts: Latest Book
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