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Content Warnings

The following content warnings apply to all of Beth's currently in-print books. You are welcome to contact the author for clarification or details, or to suggest changes. 

Across the Universe: suffocation (chapter 1, cryogenic freezing), attempted sexual assault, murder, unwilling drug intake, control through drug use, consent, male sexualization of females, violence, suicide

A Million Suns: consent, objectification, murder, guilt, space violence

Shades of Earth: consent, objectification, murder, death of a parent, violence, unwilling body alterations, death

The Body Electric: chronic and terminal illness of a parent, mind and body control, privacy invasion, memory alterations

A World Without You: suicide, objectification and idealization of suicide, death, violence, fire

Rebel Rising: space violence, death, war, questioning of war crimes, child trauma

Give the Dark My Love: death, death of family members, body horror, gore, body consent, blood, sacrifice

Bid My Soul Farewell: death, death of family members, body horror, gore, body consent, blood, sacrifice, murder

Blood & Feathers: blood, death, eye gore, battle/war violence, child physical abuse from a parent (memories), mind and body control, sacrifice

Museum of Magic: parental loss (off page, as memories), nightmarish/monstrous images in context of fantasy setting, bloodshed in terms of battle and magical uses (sometimes done by the character personally, not in a self harm style but potentially triggering)

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